Nology Solutions is a leading provider of integrated information technology solutions in Canada and the U.S. We help small, medium, and large businesses by delivering critical solutions to their increasingly complex IT needs.

Our broad array of offerings range from discrete hardware and software products to integrated IT solutions such as mobility, security, data center optimization, cloud computing, virtualization, and collaboration.

We stay on top of current and emerging technologies. Our product offerings always follow the leaders in each category of hardware, software, and service.



System Repair Services & System Diagnostics

Computer issues not making any sense?

Is your computer giving you problems that are affecting the productivity of your day?

Nology Solutions can run a series of diagnostic tests and procedures to ensure that your computer system troubles are explicitly identified. If Hardware or Software related issues exist, they will be uncovered and explained to you in detail.

Let one of our trained technicians diagnose your computer today. Contact us!

systems repair

Electronics Recycling

Nology Solutions offers Canadian enterprises an effective way to solve end-of-life IT asset disposition challenges while helping to keep the assets out of landfills.

Nology will pick up your old computer equipment at no charge to you. If the equipment still works, we will sanitize, wipe data to military standards, and assign a price based on the market. The equipment will then be resold with proceeds directed to local charities. If the equipment doesn’t work, it will be properly disassembled and recycled.

100% of hardware is recycled – zero goes to landfill.

Refurbished Products

“Going green” is a common trend today. But did you know that you can take this a step further and keep your office green while reaping more benefits? How about if you can “Go Green” and save money while still purchasing what you need? The answer is refurbished.

Nology Solutions has been delivering Grade A refurbished computers and servers for many years. Refurbished equipment save clients 20-60% compared to new, and still meet office requirements and warranty requirements. And, you are buying smart and going “Green”. The multiple benefits can’t be matched anywhere else.

Refurbished computers are different from used computers. A refurbished computer or server is one that was returned to the manufacturer. The unit can’t be sold as new, so it’s inspected by certified professionals, repaired if needed, cleaned, and prepared for resale. There are several reasons a product could be sold as refurbished:

  • Demo/floor model units
  • Blogger/journalist review models
  • Items damaged in shipping
  • Returned (unopened) products
  • Rented products
  • Short lease products
  • Products with opened boxes, even if the item itself is unused
  • Products with defective parts

Benefits of Buying Refurbished

  • Savings of 20% – 60% compared to a new counterpart
  • Similar power and resources to the new counterpart
  • Similar or better warranty
  • Allows room to purchase updated software with the savings.
  • The refurbished PC has passed the burn through period. Whatever went wrong has gone wrong and been fixed.
  • There is even less risk of problems with a rightly refurbished PC than a new one.
  • Keep landfills free and clear of great and working electronics

Buy smart. Buy refurbished.

ASK US about our refurbished products!

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