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Hosting and Internet Services

If you already have a web or other internet server and need a reliable facility to locate it, Nology Solutions will provide the rack space, network connections and any type of consulting, backup and monitoring services you may need.

Save on the high costs associated with supporting servers and bandwidth by collocating your servers at our facility. Our high speed, secure facility and network infrastructure use the best technology there is to offer for security and routers and utilizes high-speed switches for fast connections and network efficiency.

If you are looking for reliable Internet connectivity, Nology Solutions is an accredited reseller for some of the best DSL, CABLE, and BROADBAND ISP’s and providers.

Dedicated Hosting Services

Managed support services are included with all of our dedicated server plans. Our managed support system includes remarkably comprehensive support for the administration and consistent operation of your server.

Unlike most providers, Nology Solutions owns and operates its entire facility directly, and technicians available on-site 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. As such we are able to respond to any and all issues directly, mitigating the impact of issues at any layer; from software, to server hardware, to network layer.

As the definition of the term “managed” differs hugely from provider to provider, we like to make it clear just how much further we go in managing the operation of your servers with Nology Solutions.