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A Leader in IT Customer Service & Support
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Who We Are

Nology Solutions & Systems Inc. is an established Toronto-based IT resources company that offers a range of services aimed at helping small and medium-sized businesses achieve a competitive advantage and improved profitability.

With broad experience in many verticals, Nology Solutions can provide great insight and deliver effective IT solutions to your business. Its team of highly skilled IT professionals provides personalized, proactive service that aims to exceed your expectations.


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What We Do

Nology’s team of experts has the experience to support any environment.

Help Desk Support, Deployments, and Systems Repairs – 24/7.

We can facilitate the design, programming, and project management for your existing project and any new project. From building simple to enterprise-wide applications, we can help you reach your goals.

Implementing new business technologies can be a complicated process.

With the proper strategic planning, new technology can have a profoundly positive impact on your business, generating cost and time savings.

Our high speed, secure facility and network infrastructure use the best technology there is to offer for security and routers and utilizes high-speed switches for fast connections and network efficiency

Keeping digital assets secure and online is crucial.

One of the difficult truths about systems security or data availability is that when it’s rock-solid, nobody notices, but when it breaks down, everybody does!

Trust & Security

We treat the security and confidentiality of your systems and networks with the utmost respect and importance. We respect whatever security policies that you have in place or will assist you to develop and improve yours.

The Right IT Provider for you

our goal

We continue to prove our ongoing commitment to providing efficient, reliable, single-source convenience, and impeccable responses for our clients. Our organization is value-conscious and committed to creating long-term relationships based on trust, faith, and integrity. These service-level and support initiatives will continue to set Nology Solutions apart from other service providers.


We understand that everyone has a different level of understanding when it comes to technology. We always do our best to translate technology lingo into plain English so that you can understand the fundamentals and apply your judgment and input properly.


Some of our customers already have staff with some level of technical skill or interest. We work with the existing management and technical staff so that we can apply ourselves where their capacity or time runs out. With their help, we get networks to the point where they are as maintenance-free as possible.


Nology Solutions is your link to the finest products and services to be found. We maintain strategic partnerships with major internet service providers, hardware manufacturers, and software companies. You will find immediate relief and long-term flexibility with our wide range of services, each customized to fit your functional and financial needs. We can ensure that you always have the right resources at the right time.