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Today's IT World

The world of Information Technology (IT) has developed extremely fast during the past decade, and with immeasurable developments came a vast set of new protocols, standards, and knowledge required to make things perform efficiently and function reliably.


Our Methodology

Nology’s teams of experts use their defined skills to provide a clear direction for our clients. We ensure that key components are addressed, requirements are implemented, third-party resources are in constant communication, and support expectations are exceeded.


Our Goal

We continue to prove our ongoing commitment in providing efficient, reliable, single-source convenience and impeccable response for our clients. Our organization is value-conscious and committed to creating long-term relationships based on trust, faith and integrity. These service-level and support initiatives will continue to set Nology Solutions apart from other service providers.


Our Support Service

Nology's 24/7 service and support facility have teams of experts with vendor and industry expertise standing ready to service your needs. Our managed desktop solution provides the ability to remotely and proactively manage your desktop infrastructure anytime, anywhere.
We maintain strategic partnerships with major Internet service providers, hardware manufacturers, and software companies who provide us with prompt and more readily available services.


Successful Client Relationships

Nology Solutions operates as the IT and Support Department for many small to medium sized businesses across North America and Europe. As experts in the support field, we will find a positive solution for any technical challenge, fast and on budget.
We invest in the long-term relationships by delivering the highest commitment in providing efficient, reliable, single-source convenience, and impeccable response for our clients. This level of service and support will continue to set Nology Solutions apart from other support providers.

Why Outsource?

All manner of non-core functions — from legal to janitorial — can be outsourced, but the benefits are the same. When it comes to technology though, outsourcing is often a necessity. Today’s IT department has become a mission-critical business tool, yet the technology that shapes it is changing too quickly for the average IT department to manage. In addition, the skill requirements are quite diverse and would require the employment of several staff to ensure that all the required tasks can be executed successfully and within a reasonable timeframe. By outsourcing, companies of all sizes gain access to economies of scale, specialized skills, savings, and are able to better focus on their own core business. Outsourcing offers a far more cost-effective method for reaping the benefits of technical advances. The list of supported sectors is attached below.

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