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Nology Solutions offers Canadian enterprises an effective way to solve end-of-life IT asset disposition challenges while helping to keep the assets out of landfills.

Nology will pick up your old computer equipment at no charge to you. If the equipment still works, we will sanitize, wipe data to military standards, and assign a price based on the market. The equipment will then be resold with proceeds directed to local charities. If the equipment doesn’t work, it will be properly disassembled and recycled. 100% of hardware is recycled – zero goes to landfill.


Valuable corporate data will not be compromised. U.S. Department of Defense data-erasure standards are used to thoroughly `sanitize’ all disk drives, eliminating the possibility of sensitive data ending up the wrong hands. Any disk drives that fail to operate correctly or fail the erasure process are crushed, and a Certificate of Destruction issued, clearing the donor organization of any further responsibility.


The recycling process is performed by specialty recycling partners picked based on their proven ability to handle various aspects of disassembly, disposal, and destruction. 100% of hardware is recycled – zero goes to landfill.