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Why Choose Nology Solutions?

Trust and Security Security threats are not disappearing. We treat the security and confidentiality of your systems and networks with the utmost respect and importance. We respect whatever security policies that you have in place or will assist you to develop and improve yours.

Clarity We understand that everyone has a different level of understanding when it comes to technology. We always do our best to translate technology lingo into plain English so that you can understand the fundamentals and apply your judgment and input properly.

Flexibility Some of our customers already have staff with some level of technical skill or interest. We work with the existing management and technical staff so that we can apply ourselves where their capacity or time runs out. With their help, we get networks to the point where they are as maintenance-free as possible.

Skill and Experience Nology Solutions brings the experience that you need to get the results that you expect. Each of our engineers brings a rare skill to our group and has their own specialties. Our customers choose us because we get the job done quickly, efficiently, securely, and with the highest level of professionalism. We use our experience to ensure that your technology investments are the best fit for your company, whether purchasing hardware, software, or services.

Value While maintaining a high level of service quality, we use proven techniques to reduce support hours, hardware and software outages, and IT budget requirements. We work closely with our clients to understand the requirements before incorporating solutions that give the required functionality and performance within their defined budget. We are a vendor-neutral company and a reseller for major hardware manufacturers and software developers.

Coverage Nology Solutions is your link to the finest products and services to be found. From consumables to multi-branch networking, we do it all.

Nology Solutions’ 24/7 service and support facility has teams of experts with vendor and industry expertise standing ready to service your needs. To compliment our staff, we maintain strategic partnerships with major Internet service providers, hardware manufacturers, and software companies who provide us with prompt and more readily available service.

Although our staff is the foundation of our company, the technology behind it plays a drastic role. Our state-of-the-art help desk and remote management facility are equipped with the tools to help us be second to none.

You will find immediate relief and long-term flexibility with our wide range of services, each customized to fit your functional and financial needs. With these services, we can ensure that you always have the right resources at the right time.

Contact us and let Nology work for you!