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Technical talent and know-how is a key ingredient to an effective development organization. However, domain expertise – understanding the business context – is what can make a good development organization great. Nology Solutions provides world-class, high-end solutions to a variety of Industry Verticals. In order to meet the unique needs of individual clients, we have specialist consultants who have experience and understand the business process of each of these verticals.

This enables us to provide our clients with scalable solutions on the best available technologies, hence providing the best results at every stage of the software development life cycle; from requirement analysis, design, and development, to implementation.

Transportation and Messenger

We understand the real-time, heavy flow environments of the Transportation and Messenger Industry: Systems up-time plays a vital part in our clients’ businesses. Our Systems Support Desk provides efficient, reliable, single-source convenience and impeccable response for all of our clients. We have experience installing and supporting most of the hardware and software on the market and are consistently investigating new and emerging technologies to improve our clients’ businesses. Our teams of experts service clients throughout Canada and the USA from our 24/7 sales, service, and support facility.

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Law Firms

Specialized Consulting for Law Firms is a well-established market for Nology Solutions. We understand the unique challenges law firms face, and we strive to use our expertise to meet the specialized technology needs of the legal industry.

Nology Solutions specializes in meeting the unique needs of professionals in the legal industry. The following engineering and consulting services are uniquely situated to aid lawyers and law firms:

Data Recovery

Nology technicians use highly sophisticated techniques to successfully recover electronic network data that has been inadvertently or deliberately deleted, re-formatted, or obscured.

Data Analysis

Nology technicians effectively analyze existing and recovered network data to reconstruct a series of human actions. This data analysis may prove or disprove a particular case.

Expert Witnessing

Nology technicians provide expert witness services for a broad range of issues in the technology field. Some examples include:

• Data Concealment and Recovery
• Convergence Technology Implementation and Maintenance
• Internet Protocol Issues
• Network Security and Hacking

Data Management and Mobility

Although data sharing and access is a requirement within law firms, security is vital. Nology Solutions implements accessible yet highly-secure document distribution networks for managing communications and file sharing. Secure permissions-based management that remains easy-to-use and is deployable to wireless devices.

Printing and Publishing

Nology delivers better than ever IT and support for printing companies to help them improve and succeed in their businesses. High volume data manipulation, graphics, and storage solutions are the requirements, and we deliver. We design and implement tools and technologies such as online ordering, document review, and billing solutions, to help them compete with larger-scale commercial and corporate print companies.

Accounting Firms

Specialized Consulting for Accounting Firms is a well-established client base for Nology Solutions. We understand the unique challenges and unrealized potentials Accounting Firms face, and we strive to use our expertise to bring useful technology to them.


Communication between architects, engineers, builders and contractors is vital to completing projects on-time. Nology draws on industry knowledge, emerging technologies, and experience to offer a broad range of tools and technical support to keep them connected by email, telecommunications by Voice Over IP (VOIP), and Virtual Private Network (VPN) to share data and scheduling.

Food Industry

In the office, computerized conveyor and piping modeling is useful in many food plant areas. Our computer and backend implementations meet or exceed the prerequisites of our client and their software. On the production floor, the intensity and volume of production can make or break our client. Nology provides Maintenance and Support for the production staff on a 24/7 basis, to ensure that the line does not stop.


Nology provides sales, installation, and support for the sales force behind some of the leading Realty Companies – From wireless technologies for their mobile users to their office phone systems, we make sure they are always connected to communicate to share files and calendaring.