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Data and Systems Security

Keeping digital assets secure and online must be priority #1.

One of the difficult truths about systems security or data availability is that when it’s rock-solid, nobody notices, but when it breaks down, everybody does!

This is especially true about data and systems security because the various protections in place are often far less obvious than a lock on the front door or a surveillance camera. Hackers and unauthorized users trying to obtain customer and user data or computer viruses designed to corrupt or destroy data and applications are examples that barely scratch the surface of what networks really face. Whatever the enemy, nothing could be more important than knowing how to protect what your enterprise values most.

Keeping up with newly discovered vulnerabilities is the biggest challenge facing a company when trying to maintain security and stay online. There are many steps involved, but three simple steps are:

  1. Perform a Risk Assessment
  2. Maintain an active defense against threats and obstacles using appropriate hardware and software such as firewalls, AVG anti-software, systems maintenance, and proper documentation.
  3. Develop and maintain a Business Continuance program.

Protecting Data

One of the trickiest aspects of IT security is the return on investment (ROI). How do you measure ROI if you’re infrastructure has not yet faced an attack? Or is that itself enough?

The IT security stakes are high for any agency or company. When it comes to protecting vital information resources, organizations face a crucial security challenge: balancing the need to provide easily accessible information with the need to appropriately safeguard that same information. Nology Solutions has worked in this specialized environment for years, helping its customers to understand and apply cutting-edge technologies to meet their unique data and systems security needs. And we can do the same for you!

Our Services Include:

  • Development of effective information protection policies
  • Design and implementation of technical protection countermeasures
  • Selection of appropriate information protection tools
  • Guidance in understanding and minimizing residual risks to your data and systems
  • Management of Security and Intrusion Incidents
  • Management of System Events
  • Vulnerability management – Proactively preventing the exploitation breaches that threaten your business
  • Policy Compliance Management – Define, measure, and report on the compliance of information systems with security policies or government regulations.
  • Implementation of hardware to monitor traffic, detect internal and external intrusion attempts, and respond to attacks in real-time.
  • VPN Design and Setup – to control information entering and leaving the enterprise while providing partners/customers with secure access to corporate resources
  • Virus Protection – Protecting your networks from viruses, worms, Trojan horses, blended threats, spam, and other unwanted content using the latest in hardware and software
  • Early Warning System – Get early warning of cyber attacks, comprehensive threat analysis, and countermeasures to prevent attacks before they occur with our managed service
  • Complete Management – These services remove the burden of managing and monitoring security devices and events, ensuring rapid response to real threats
  • Training – A full array of technical training, and security education
  • Backup and recovery – Performing non-intrusive, real-time backups and truly rapid disaster recovery on both servers and workstations remotely
  • Desktop mirroring – ongoing service to keep workstation images on-site in case of an emergency rebuild
  • Change management – to control and track desktop and server changes to ensure compliance with an organizational plan
  • Deployment Management, Patch Management, Software Distribution, Remote Control, and Asset Management