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With today’s internet speeds and network stability, almost any application or service can reside hosted or on a cloud. This elevates productivity, workflow, and lowers downtime. And it makes managing your own server infrastructure a thing of the past. Saving you time and money.

Nology Solutions hosts hundreds of popular applications, custom applications, and custom infrastructure so that you can keep growing your business. The infrastructure is closed-loop and not shared or accessible from anywhere or anyone but the client who owns it. This delivers higher security and less public visibility than big-box hosting providers. And rather than keeping your servers in house, our server management increases your data security.

Nology uses fully-clustered server redundancy in different server farms. Encrypted communication, encrypted backups, firewall protection, application upgrades, application and server maintenance, and server management are all included in the hosting price. One monthly fee makes you free of further IT costs and any worrying about accessible files or services, and you become more productive from anywhere in the world.

Contact us at sales@nology.net for more information.